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National Redress Scheme Advice

We've settled civil claims for victims of institutional sexual abuse for 500% more than what the National Redress Scheme would have paid. 

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For me, I walk away from this experience with a genuine sense of optimism and resilience. I now have hope and a purpose that I have not ever felt before in my lifetime. Whilst therapy and professional assistance is assisting greatly, it is because of your determination to see justice for me and that fact that I felt that I had your support “in my corner”, enabled me to have the courage to pursue this case to its end. 

Susan, 55

James, 60

I am writing to you both you and your amazing staff to thank you for your efforts in handling my matter.

I’d like to thank all of your team, without whom I’m sure we couldn’t have achieved the result we have. I am certainly a very happy customer and highly regard your firms professionalism, and results. 

Mark, 47

I would like to express my thanks to you and the rest of the Artemis team for not giving up on my case. No matter the outcome I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me for someone to not only believe me but to also fight for me. It has never occurred to me that my case was very important or significant.  

Get Justice

We understand sexual abuse claims and so we know how to get you justice.  Justice looks difference to most people and we listen to what justice means to you.

Over $170 Million in Awards

Its often not all about the money but we pride ourselves on getting the institution to pay for the harm they caused you.

No Win No Fee*

We believe that survivors of child sexual abuse should not be denied access to justice because of their financial situation.   That is why Artemis Legal offers a No-Win-No-Fee* service.  

Tell Your Story 

We focus on your story and give you a voice on something that may have happened a long time ago. There is often power and healing in being heard and in getting justice for what happened to you as a child.

 I am so proud of the work we do and it is a privilege to help people find their voice and get justice in circumstances that are often very private and complex.  Every person is different, every journey is different and that is how we treat each and every one of our clients.    

Jason Moody

Principal Lawyer

My interests in ethics and justice and philosophy has inspired may aim to utilise law as a direct and effective way to help people 

Nancy Hu


I believe in human rights and helping people.  I was a psychiatric nurse and now I help people as a lawyer who have suffered trauma from abuse. 

Sharon Cai


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Thinking of applying for the National Redress Scheme?

The National Redress Scheme is a place of last resort for survivors of sexual abuse. 


Make sure you know your rights under BOTH the NRS and general law before you decide what is best for you. We advise all our clients on their rights under both options. 

Your claim is a valuable asset - an asset that you only have ONE chance to get right. Once the NRS makes an offer, it can't be appealed.

Don't sell yourself short. Ask us for a free, no obligation assessment of your situation.

Tell your story


Our Process

Every sexual abuse claim is different but over the years we have learned what you can expect from the process particularly since the Royal Commission and the recent changes in law.  

We put the Institution on notice

We write to the institution putting them on notice of the claim and identify the issues in dispute.

Settlement conference

We press for a settlement conference to allow you to be heard, for any apologies to be made by the insitution and to attempt to settle the matter.  95% of our claims settled at this stage.  If it does not settle you will be advised of your options including litigation.

Evaluation of claim

We prepare an advice and position papers based on the evidence and the law that applies to your claim.  This includes a detailed breakdown of the the value of the claim.

Medical records

We request and obtain all necessary medical records including an independent psychiatric assessment if necessary.

Closing of claim or Litigation

Any settlement is usually closed by a deed and compensation generally pay between 4 and 6 weeks after the deed is signed.  In sexual abuse claims we typically get you a written and verbal apology.

Meet the team:

Why Moody Law

We are Experts in this Field

We get results for you.  We have acted for many hundreds of survivors of sexual abuse since 2000 and many thousands of survivors of violence.


Private and Confidential

Sexual abuse claims are private and confidential unless you want publicity.  Usually, there is no need to include your family members or others in your life.  

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Tell your story

Tell your story how you want it told.  We will help you with a statement and we may suggest getting additional statements.  You statement forms the basis of the claim.